Interlocking - Triumph

Triumph (Stewart Coffin)
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Triumph (Tom Lensch)
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Triumph - Pieces (Mark McCallum)
Triumph (Bart Buie)
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Triumph (Lee Krasnow)
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Triumph - Pieces (Lee Krasnow)
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Designer:Stewart Coffin
Craftsman:Stewart Coffin (1st)
Tom Lensch (2nd)
Mark McCallum (3rd)
Bart Buie (4th)
Lee Krasnow (5th)
Lee Krasnow (6th)
Material:Brazilian Rosewood & Peroba Rosa (1st)
Gaboon Ebony & Pink Ivory (2nd)
Rosewood & Maple (3rd)
Zebrawood (4th)
Bolivian Rosewood & Gaboon Ebony (5th & 6th)

The Triumph uses six identically shaped pieces. It is made from contrasting woods with three of the pieces having opposing colors on the ends. See the pieces in the bottom image. It has three distinctly different symmetrical solutions, six when you consider color.
Stewart also made a set called Triumph and Companion that had a standard Triumph along with a "Companion" having slightly modified pieces. Together, they made quite a few unusual solutions.
A variation of the Triumph called Fusion Confusion makes shapes with an identical outward appearance, but is a much more difficult puzzle because two pairs of pieces are "fused"
Stewart made 50 from 1974 to 1985. Number 15A in his numbering system.
More information in The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections