Put-Together - Solid Pentominoes
aka Pentacube

Solid Pentominoes (Trevor Wood)
Larger Photograph (76.2K)

Solid Pentominoes (Stewart Coffin)
Craftsman:Trevor Wood (1st)
Stewart Coffin (2nd))
Pieces:12, plus the box

Solid Pentominoes are the three-dimensional version of Pentominoes. The most common objective is to arrange them into a 3x4x5 solid There are 3,940 ways of doing it. Many other problems exist. The set shown in the top photograph was made by Trevor Wood. All of the pieces are made as animal figures. The animal figures were designed by a Japanese teacher, Sabu Oguru. The set shown in the bottom photograph was made by Stewart Coffin in 1977. He called it Pentacube. Number 2B in his numbering system.
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