Put-Together - Patio Block

Patio Block
Larger Photograph (91.7K)
Designer:Toshiaki Betsumiya (10-Piece) & Kevin Holmes (8-Piece)
Craftsman:Stewart Coffin

Joining 1x2x2 blocks as pairs in all possible ways results in the pieces shown in the drawing. There are twenty-five different ways to assemble a 4x4x5 solid using all ten pieces. If you eliminate two pieces, there are ninety-three ways to assemble a 4x4x4 cube using the remaining eight. If you eliminate the two unshaded pieces that are themselves rectangular, it is impossible. However, nine of the ninety-three assemblies use the 1x2x4 piece and only one uses the 2x2x2 cubic piece. Stewart made 4 in 1988. Number 82 in his numbering system.
More information in The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections

Patio Block Pieces