Classic Sliding Block Puzzles

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Classic Designs

10 Block Puzzle (C17)
aka Traffic Cop Tangle
A. Filipiak, 1942
47 moves

Acme Novelty, 1928
74 moves

Escott Puzzle (D8)
E. B. Escott, 1938
48 moves

Get My Goat (C2)
J. I. Wiley, 1914
28 moves

Hughes Puzzle
21 moves

L'Âne Rouge (C27d)
aka Square Root,
Mintman, et al.
J. H. Fleming, 1932
81 moves

Letter Block Puzzle (B6)
H. E. Dudeney, 1917
23 moves

Line Up the Quinties (C4)
R. W. Fatiguant, 1934
30 moves

Ma's Puzzle (D1)
C. L. Diamond, 1927
23 moves

Motor-Car Problem (B33)
H. E. Dudeney, 1903
17 moves

Motor Garage Puzzle (B35)
H. E. Dudeney, 1910
43 moves

Moving Day Puzzle (B1)
San Loyd, 1914
17 moves

Nine Men in a Trench (B37)
H. E. Dudeney, 1917
28 moves

Panama Canal Puzzle (B18)
21 moves

Penant Puzzle (C19)
aka Dad's Puzzler, et al.
L. W. Hardy, 1909
59 moves

Sliding Block Puzzle (C73)
S. S. Adams, 1927
140 moves

Spanish Dungeon (B15)
H. E. Dudeney, 1917
35 moves

Traffic Jam Puzzle
aka Tit-Bits #4 (D22)
F. L. Babcock, 1928
132 moves

Unnamed (B39)
Sam Loyd, 1904
66 moves

The GEM Puzzle
a.k.a. The 15 Puzzle

M. J. Rice, 1879
44 moves


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