Interlocking - Tech-Sticks

Larger Photograph (86.8K)

Tech-Sticks in Four Colors
Tech-Sticks in Four Colors - First Step
Designer:Stewart Coffin
Craftsman:Stewart Coffin

Tech-Sticks is a distorted version of the Hex-Sticks family which includes the Giant Hectix. It has been distorted by compression along one of its four-fold axes and by elongation along a second axis. The same distortion was made to the Twelve-Piece Separation puzzle to make Geodynamics. It uses blocks displaced from one piece to another and three of the hexagonal sticks are split down the center and revel themselves when removing the first "chunk" from the puzzle. They can be seen in the 3rd photograph. Stewart considers this to be one of the most difficult puzzles he has ever made. He made 7 of the solid color and 2 of the four-color in 1995. Number 104 and 104A in his numbering system.