Put-Together - Puzzle Rings

Puzzle Rings
Designer:Jose Grant (Silver)
Craftsman:Jose Grant (Silver)
Material:Gold & Silver
Pieces:6 (Gold) & 8 (Silver)

Puzzle rings are composed of two or more rings. When apart, they aren't actually apart because they remain interconnected, just a mess. They were developed from gimmal rings which derived their name from the Latin "gemelli", meaning twins. Gimmal rings were used as wedding rings. Most gimmal rings were Italian or or English from the Renaissance. Today, puzzle rings are very common in Turkey, but most are not very well made and are more of a trinket than a ring. There are exceptions. The gold ring shown here is from Turkey. The highest quality puzzle rings made today are made by Jose Grant, a retired TWA airline pilot. He makes them in many varieties, with and without settings or emblems for fraternal organizations, etc. He sells them more as jewelry than puzzles and they are priced accordingly. A very nice full-color catalog is available.
Click here for the solution to a four-band puzzle ring. Puzzle rings with more bands have a similar solution.