Interlocking - Pulsar
aka Hexo-Inverto

Pulsar<br>aka Hexo-Inverto
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Pulsar<br>aka Hexo-Inverto
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Designer:Viktor Genel
Craftsman:Interlocking Puzzles
Pieces:6 (4 for Pulsar) plus a split internal cube

Hexo-Inverto can be assembled in three forms, a long assembly (shown), a short assembly and a chaotic assembly. Pulsar is a fused version of the Hexo-Inverto. The Pulsar has only four pieces (plus the split cube), the Hexo-Inverto six. All the shapes that can be made with the Hexo-Inverto can also be made with Pulsar. The six pieces of Hexo-Inverto consist of three identical pieces and their mirror images. If you fuse two identical pieces, and two mirror image pieces, you get the Pulsar. If you take six identical piece (instead of three and three) you can build the Hexdgehog, which is pointy in a symmetric way. Both Hexo-Inverto and Hexdgehog require some dexterity to assemble. The flat assembly of the Pulsar (or Hexo-Inverto) can be stacked to fill space, that is, it makes a three-dimensional tiling.