Interlocking - Pennydoodle

Pennydoodle (Stewart Coffin)
Larger Photograph (79.4K)

Pennydoodle (Stewart Coffin) - Partially Assembled
Pennydoodle (Mark McCallum)
Larger Photograph (101.8K)

Pennydoodle (Mark McCallum)
Larger Photograph (85.7K)
Designer:Stewart Coffin
Craftsman:Stewart Coffin (1st & 2nd)
Mark McCallum (3rd & 4th)
Material:Purpleheart, Breadnut, Mahogany & Unknown (1st)
Oak (2nd)
Wenge (3rd & 4th)

Made from three and a half identical Pennyhedron puzzles. Six halves are joined together in pairs making three three whole pieces and two halves. Only one of the many different shapes which can be made with the pieces is shown. It is not much of a puzzle, but much fun to play with. What if you had a few more whole pieces? Stewart made 30 in 1989 and 1990. Number 67B in his numbering system.