Impossible Objects - One-Gallon Jug #3 (Rausch)

One-Gallon Jug #3 - Side 1
One-Gallon Jug #3 - Side 2
Designer:John Rausch
Craftsman:John Rausch
Category:Impossible Objects

The standard one-gallon jug contains a pair of tennis shoes, a Rubik's Cube, a pocket dictionary, a pair of scissors with handles held together with monkey's fist knots, two tennis balls, a sealed deck of cards with a padlock through a hole in one corner, a racquet ball, two table-tenniss ball (no, they don't drop in) and a large monkey's fist knot in the neck with the key to the lock hanging from a loop in the knot. The objects in the bottle are still usable. I.e., the Rubik's works just fine. This objects in this bottle are arranged so they won't be tossed around when it is handled or shipped.