Put-Together - Mixed 1

Mixed 1
Designer:William Waite
Craftsman:Walter Hoppe
Material:Walnut & Cherry
Pieces:12, plus the tray

This puzzle is a new kind of polyform built of circles or disks. Circles can be packed together in a 60 system (like hexagons) or a 90 system (like squares). The pieces of this puzzle do not exist completely within the 60 system or the 90 system, but are a mixture of both systems. The twelve pieces are all the possibilities of combining three or four circles within this "mixed-angle system."
This combination of angles mean that the pieces cannot fill a space with a 60 or 90 system such as a hexagon or square. They can only fill a space that alternates between the two, such as the tray shown here.
William has written an article titled Mixed Angle Systems that will appear in the Cubism For Fun (CFF) journal. It will also appear here on Puzzle World shortly after.