Interlocking - Mini Maria

Mini Maria
Larger Photograph (84.0K)

Mini Maria - Genitalia Sub-Assembly
Mini Maria - Genitalia Sub-Assembly Pieces
Designer:Miguel Berrocal
Craftsman:Miguel Berrocal
Material:Nickel Plated Base Metal

Berrocal incorporated rings and other "surprise" pieces into most of his "puzzle sculptures". Mini Maria contains both. The stone is a setting for a ring and Mini-Maria has a sub-assembly of male genitalia. The second photograph shows this sub-assembly having just removed it. The penis extends nearly the entire length of the puzzle and secures most of the other pieces. The scrotum forms the buttocks of Maria. The bottom photograph show the penis detached from the scrotum which then separates to reveal the "testicles".
Mini Maria was revised slightly in the middle of its production. The pieces forming the base were replaced by a single piece and the last two pieces in the assembly were changed to provide a more secure latch. These are the legs at the right end. The left leg slides on first and then the right leg fold down onto it and latches with a spring loaded catch. The catch is released by pressing a button in the end of the right leg. The book was not revised.
Berrocal made 10,000 starting in 1969. Of these, 6 were in gold.