Interlocking - Icosahedron

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Icosahedron - Beginning Disassembly
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Designer:Wayne Daniel
Craftsman:Wayne Daniel
Material:Peroba Rosa

The geometric shape is that of a regular icosahedron. These are two versions of several designed by Wayne with the same external icosahedron shape. Based on the design of the internal structure, there are twelve possible pieces that can be used to construct the icosahedron. The version in the 1st and 2nd photographs uses only two of those pieces. Five pieces are identical and five are identical mirror image pieces. Other designs use different combinations of the twelve pieces. The one in the 3rd photograph has one piece with one shape, two with a second shape, three with a third shape and four with a forth. There is also a design with ten different pieces that is very difficult.
Disassembly of the version in of the 1st and 2nd photographs is not difficult. To remove the first piece, it must be expanded as shown in the 2nd photograph allowing removal of a piece. The remaining pieces can be removed one at a time without expanding the puzzle. It can be quickly disassembled by simply spinning it. Putting it back together is not as difficult as it might seem. It can be assembled one piece at a time except for the last piece when the puzzle must be expanded so it can slip into place. The version in the 3rd photograph is much more difficult.
Wayne also made a Great Stellated Dodecahedron using versions of these puzzles as a base.