Put-Together - Hoffman's Packing Puzzle

Hoffman's Packing Puzzle
Designer:Dean Hoffman
Craftsman:Trevor Wood
Material:Various (Pieces) & Purpleheart (Box)
Pieces:27, plus the box

In 1978, Dean Hoffman posed the following problem to a conference at Miami University.
"Fit twenty-seven blocks, measuring A x B x C into a cubic box with sides of A + B + C. A, B and C must be different and the smallest dimension must be larger than (A + B + C) / 4."
Sometimes I wonder which came first, the puzzle, or the problem!
This Hoffman's Packing Puzzle was made twenty-seven different exotic hardwoods, each with a number stamped into the end identifying the species. Each piece is 18x20x22mm, meeting Hoffman's requirements. There will be voids in the puzzle when it is assembled, but all of the sides will be even. A very difficult puzzle. If you can't stand it, the solution is in Puzzles Old And New.