Put-Together - Engelberg Square

Engelberg Square (Stewart Coffin)
Larger Photograph (73.0K)

Engelberg Square - Interlocking Puzzles
Engelberg Square (Walter Hoppe)
Designer:Stewart Coffin
Craftsman:Stewart Coffin (1st)
Interlocking Puzzles (2nd)
Walter Hoppe (3rd)
Pieces:6 (1st & 2nd) & 7 (3rd) plus the tray

The objective is to place the six polyomino-style pieces with beveled corners into the provided tray. As designed by Stewart, it was thought to have a unique solution, but others were found. Two are shown below. Some worked with one copy of the puzzle, while others did not. It turned out that the tolerances required for this design were very tight and the other solutions should not have been possible.
Walter Hoppe modified the design slightly and his laser-cut version is unique.