Take-Apart - DanLock

Larger Photograph (101.0K)

Designer:Dan Feldman
Craftsman:Dan Feldman

One key is locked onto the shackle and the other is "broken" in half. Do you dare stick the small piece of the key into the lock? How will you get is out if it doesn't work? And even if you manage to get it open, how do you lock it back with the whole key of the shackle? Unlike most trick opening locks where the only puzzle is to open the lock, this one has, let's say, more than two. One of the best, if not the best, trick locks around.
Dan has made other locks using the same Israeli "Nabob" lock. Trip comes with two keys, but only one opens the lock. How?Multip (2nd photograph) has four different keys (with different lengths) that each open the lock if a different way using various techniques with each key. Dan has this lock, and possibly some of his others, for sale. Contact him at:

Dan Feldman
7 Radak St.
47208 Israel
email: feldman@bezeqint.net
Internet: www.geocities.com/danpuzzles/danlock>