Interlocking - Crooked Box

Crooked Box (Bill Cutler)
Larger Photograph (25.4K)

Crooked Box (Tom Lensch)
Larger Photograph (67.7K)
Designer:Bill Cutler
Craftsman:Bill Cutler (1st)
Tom Lensch (2nd))
Material:Walnut, Maple & Mahogany

The pieces are notched along each end to receive the edge of another piece. The version in the bottom photograph was made by Tom Lensch. Several of the pieces must have the end of the notch removed to allow assembly. Tom devised construction technique to minimize the visability of these pieces. You have to know what to look for to find them. He uses twenty identical pieces, five where the notch in the side is made as deep as possible and five where the end is norrowed slightly. To assemble the puzzle, you must make two subassemblies. One has twenty pieces and the other ten. These are then coaxed together.