Interlocking - Corner Block

Corner Block (Stewart Coffin)
Corner Block (Tom Lensch)
Larger Photograph (108.0K)

Corner Block - Partially Assembled (Tom Lensch)
Designer:Stewart Coffin
Craftsman:Stewart Coffin (1st)
Tom Lensch (2nd & 3rd)
Material:Bocote & Red Heart with Walnut Dowels (2nd & 3rd)

A variation of Coffin's Pin-Hole puzzle which uses six 1 x 1 x 3 block bars and six dowels, all three units long. All dowels are fastened to a bar except one. The Corner Block puzzle has a block added to each corner and fastened to one of the pieces. The bottm photograph shows a partially assembled Corner Block.
More information in The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections