Put-Together - Blockhead

Larger Photograph (22.2K)

Designer:Bill Cutler
Craftsman:Jerry McFarland (1st)
Wit's End (2nd)
Material:Oak (1st)
Plastic (2nd)
Pieces:4, plus the box

Just dump the pieces out and then try to put them back in the box. Bill's original name for this puzzle was Blockhead. Then it was sold by Ishi Press as Sneaky Squares before they went out of business. Now it is sold as Stark Raving Cubes. In all cases, it is great puzzle. It won first prize at the 1986 Hikimi puzzle competition in Japan. As you can see by the photograph, the blocks are not true cubes. This puzzle is so much fun, I can't spoil it for you by giving away the solution. He subsequently designed Third Degree, which is a three-piece version with rhombic faces on the pieces.