Harry Eng

A former minister and elementary school teacher, educational consultant and magician. Harry had the most fun with his impossible bottles getting people to think. I must have heard him say "the average person uses only one-eighth of their brain" a thousand times, if I heard it once. Usually after someone would offer a not-so-well thoughout solution to one of his bottles. The most common being that the bottle was cut or that it was blown around the stuff inside. Harry would tell you straight away that everything went through the neck of the bottle and that all of his bottles were standard, off the grocery shelf variety. No monkey business with the bottle. The stuff inside? That's up to you to figure out.
It drove me crazy! Harry suggested that I get myself some big tweezers and some long hemostats (surgical grippers that lock shut which are sold in nearly every large flea market in the United States) and just try it myself. So I did. Once I was thinking on my own and trying different things, a phone call to Harry would yield a new "secret". Sometimes we would talk about things like which brand of tennis ball has the thickest, toughest cover. So Harry really did just want people to think. Put forth a little effort and then he'll help.
Harry made some unbelievable bottles. Some claim he made more than 600. His signature was a knot in each bottle. Sometimes huge, sometimes small, but always bigger than the neck. Harry died in June of 1996.

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