First you take them apart and them you put them back together. Generally, taking them apart is much easier than putting them back together. In the 1928 book Puzzles In Wood, Edwin Wyatt used the term burr to describe the symmetrical interlocking puzzles that resemble a seed burr. These burrs can contain from two to more than one hundred. The most familiar is the Six-Piece Burr, of which there are several varieties. Stewart Coffin, Bill Cutler and Philippe Dubois are responsible for most of the discoveries, designs and research into burrs. Other interlocking puzzles take the shapes of objects. Japan has produced countless interlocking puzzles in the shapes of animals, rocket ships, airplanes, etc.
Between 1969 and 1977, Miguel Berrocal has made remarkable puzzle sculptures from brass, bronze, silver and gold. He is known for his abstract torsos. Without a doubt, the most expensive puzzles ever made in quantity, they range in price from about $1,000 to more than $10,000.

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