Most dexterity puzzles are the rolling ball variety. The usual objective being to get the balls into the correct little holes or to follow a maze. In the late 1800's they were very popular and many varieties very made. In February, 1889, Charles Crandall made a rolling ball puzzle called Pigs In Clover that was very popular. Another variety of dexterity puzzle is the ball and cup where a handle with a cup on one end is attached to a ball with a string. The objective being to swing the ball into the air and catch it in the cup. Sometimes the cup was replaced with a pointed stick and the ball had a hole in it. You can imagine. A less common variety of dexterity puzzle was made in France in the late 1800's. Colored beads were placed into a blown glass shape of some sort and the objective was to move the beads into a specific position. I have only one dexterity puzzle.

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