The objective of a disentanglement puzzle is to free one piece of it. This is usually a ring or some other shape forming a loop. They are typically made from wire or string (rope) combined with wooden posts or beads. A. C. Gilbert, of Erector Set fame, made several very collectable wire disentanglement puzzle sets from around 1911 (when they were known as the Mysto Mfg. Co.) into the 1950's. Tavern Puzzles have become popular again and can be found in many stores.
One variety of disentanglement puzzle involves a post, some rope with large beads on the end(s) and a ring. The objective is to remove the ring. Brian Gray, of Hacienda Heights, CA, makes many of these from high quality materials. The result is a very beautiful, and difficult, puzzle.
Most of the puzzles shown here are from Tucker-Jones House Inc.Tucker-Jones House Inc. of E. Setauket, NY. Their TAVERN PUZZLEs® are sold all over the world and quite easy to find in puzzle stores, gift stores, game stores and accessory shops.
TAVERN PUZZLE is a registered trademark of Tucker-Jones House, Inc.

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