2014 Puzzle Design Competition


  • 63 puzzles entered; the 2014 Competition Entries page includes designers, images, and descriptions (purchasing information later).
  • Judging at IPP34 in London, England, August 7-10, 2014.
  • The Puzzlers' Award selected by IPP attendees; all other prizes selected by Judging Committee. Click on images below for more information.

Puzzlers' Award

The Fairy's Door Puzzle Box
Michail Toulouzas

Jury Grand Prize

Simon Nightingale
Six Locks: Two Keys

Jury Grand Prize

Cast U & U
Kyoo Wong

Jury Honorable Mention

Copy Device
Hiroshi Yamamoto

Claws of Satan
MINE (Mineyuki Uyematsu)

JinHoo Ahn

Top 10 Vote Getters

The following designs were in the top-10 in voting for the Puzzlers' Award,
but were not otherwise recognized with a formal Jury prize.

Conjuring Conundrum - Louis Coolen, Allard Walker
Caramel Box - Yasuhiro Hashimoto, MINE
The Golden Ratio Box - Peter Wiltshire
Infinity - Kirill Grebnev

Perplexing Pyramid - Simon Bexfield, David Singmaster
Pirates Wallet Puzzlebox - Robert Yarger
Tetra-Pack - Ton Brouwer


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